November 08, 2012

Since 1987...

Welcome to our blog!
We love what we do, as you can read in the sidebar on the right. And since we are doers, we're not going to write about it extensively. So every house has a story to tell, of the people that live in it and the lives they lead. The designer puts that story into a vision and creates a place they can call their own that's not just a house but a gorgeous home. An elegant refuge from the hectic world that surrounds us.

Understanding that vision and translating it into the final product is what we do best: taking the selected fabrics, from all over the world in every colour and shade imaginable, and putting them onto the antique chairs and modern sofas, 1920's ottomans and 70's loveseats, making them into draperies, wall coverings, pillows, bedding and headboards. Basically, there is not much that we can't do with fabric - and everything between fabric and frame in case of upholstering - and we're very proud of that! 

But not to make a short story long, we let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy, and if you like what you see, please let us know, maybe we can also help to tell your tale!

Mark & Susan Bijleveld